5 Natural Ways to Relieve Period Pain

Say goodbye to period pain meds! Learn how to relieve pain naturally with our top 5 tips including TENS machines & plant-based solutions
Adam Hamdi
Written by

Coni Longden-Jefferson

If you are looking to relieve period pain without medication or hormonal side effects - look no further. Here are our top five ways to relieve pain naturally.

Key Takeaways

  • TENS machines like the Myoovi kit have been clinically proven to reduce period pain
  • What you eat can have a massive impact on the severity of your period symptoms 
  • Low-impact exercises like walking, swimming, or yoga can be great for painful periods 
  • While research is still ongoing, many people find plant-based solutions can be helpful for their pain and overall well-being during their period  




Exercise can help relieve period pain in several ways. Firstly, the simple act of getting your heart pumping floods the body with feel-good hormones - like endorphins. Released by the hypothalamus and pituitary gland, endorphins are natural pain relievers that make their way through our nervous system and help to reduce pain or stress in the body. As well as actively helping to stop feelings of pain, they are also mood boosters which are great for your mental well-being. 

Secondly, working out helps to relax and loosen up our muscles. A lot of period pain is caused by tightness and cramping in the muscles around our pelvis. Whilst we know during the first days of your period it can be tempting to snuggle up on the sofa (and rest is great for you, so no shame in that!) being totally sedentary can cause your muscles to be even tighter. 

Low-impact exercises like walking, swimming, or yoga can relieve muscle tension whilst giving you a much-needed endorphin boost that will help relieve pain and get you feeling more positive!   



When it comes to eating for period pain, there isn’t a magic meal or drink that will relieve pain instantly. However, some foods will aggravate your cramp and foods that over time will help to limit the severity of your symptoms - and it largely comes down to inflammation. 

Inflammation is a natural function of our body aimed to keep us safe from infection and support our immune system. However, too much inflammation can be painful - and can be associated with gut health problems like IBS or period health issues like endometriosis. What we eat can help reduce - or increase - inflammation in the body, so it’s crucial to think about our diet throughout our cycle and especially around our period.

Some great natural inflammatories are berries, dark leafy greens, and turmeric. Food groups that can aggravate inflammation are fried or sugary foods or drinks like alcohol and coffee. You can read more about Nutrition and Period Pain here! 

TENS device


Ok, we may be biased but we think TENS machines, like the Myoovi kit are probably the best drug-free pain relievers out there - as they work pretty instantly! Improving your diet and lifestyle is important for having a happy, healthy period - but if you need pain relief straight away, the Myoovi kit has you covered. TENS technology has been medically proven to relieve period pain and 92% of our customers found Myoovi to provide them with significant pain relief during their periods. 

They work by sending small electrical pulses into the body via the gel pad that can be placed wherever you are experiencing pain. These pulses interrupt pain signals from travelling to the brain, so you no longer feel them. The levels of electrical pulses can be adjusted depending on the intensity of your period pain, so you can always find the right level for you. The best part about the Myoovi kit is that not only do they relieve pain effectively but they are totally hormone and drug-free - which means very few side effects, no matter how often you use them! 

Plant-based solutions


Whilst research into the effectiveness of plant-based relievers is still ongoing, many people have found that certain holistic therapies help to make them more comfortable during their period. 

CBD oil is derived from cannabis plants, but unlike other cannabinoids — like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) — CBD does not result in you getting “high.” This is because CBD does not affect the same receptors as THC. However, many people report that using CBD can improve their well-being, as well as relieve muscle pain. It’s thought that it does this by reducing inflammation and impacting some of the pain receptors that travel to your brain.  Whilst studies are still ongoing, a 2018 research review found that CBD oil did seem to offer effective pain relief with minimal side effects. 

Another plant-based solution that some people reach for when dealing with period pain is lavender oil, which is well known for its calming effect. This essential oil can be used in many different ways, but it seems like using it as a massage oil can be most effective when dealing with menstrual cramping. In a 2012 study, nursing students used either lavender oil or a placebo paraffin product to determine if the essential oil had any benefit. Students who used the lavender oil reported greatly reduced cramping.


Heat & Cold Therapy


Heat and cold therapy have been used for centuries to relieve pain naturally - and the two temperature extremes work in different ways. Cold therapy can be used to reduce inflammation and swelling, which is why you’re advised to put an ice pack on a sprained or swollen ankle. Heat therapy is generally used for muscle pain as it helps to improve circulation and relieve tightness. Whilst cold therapy can be helpful if you are struggling with inflammation and bloating, generally speaking, people find heat therapy more effective for period pain - probably because it feels soothing and comforting too. 

Using a hot water bottle or heat pad on the affected area can help to relieve pain, but we find that using a TENS machine is more powerful and also more convenient. However, heat therapy can be used in other ways and become a calming part of your natural pain relief routine. There is nothing like a warm bath during your period to help release muscle tension whilst also relaxing your mind and taking a warm bath before bed has been shown to improve your sleep quality - which is something many people with painful periods struggle with. You can increase the pain-relieving benefits of a bath by adding bath salts containing magnesium, which is thought to relieve muscle tension. 

We know that in some extreme cases medication is needed to manage your pain, but we hope this list has given you some ideas of natural remedies that can help you have a healthy, happy period - without the side effects.