Period Pain Diaries

As part of International Honesty Day we asked five people in our community to share their honest experience of period pain, so others will feel more seen and less alone
Adam Hamdi
Written by

Coni Longden-Jefferson

Period pain is normalised in our society, but its severity and impact is often underestimated - which is why we need to talk about it. As part of International Honesty Day we asked five people in our community to share their honest experience of period pain, so others will feel more seen and less alone. Here’s what they had to say. 


Hot Knives Stabbing Me


When my periods began there was no pain, but within around 6 months they developed and progressed until they were continual, not just around my periods but every day. They follow a pattern, there is a burning heaviness in the pit of my stomach, and if I move or twist too much it pinches, at this point I need a hot water bottle. Then the feeling of sharp needles pricking begins, I take painkillers to try and stop what I know will come. It progresses until hot knives are stabbing me, over and over again. I try to carry on with what I'm doing but then the knives start to twist and they go through from my stomach to my back and at that point, I don't try to move


Pushed To Take Opiates


I got my first period at 13, I had been warned by my auntie and Nan that it would be painful and I'd likely need the week off school. It ended up being so debilitating I was bed ridden until it went away. These terrible pains would come back every month and get worse as I got older. By 17 I was on codeine and often going to A&e during my time of the month. By 19 I was diagnosed with endometriosis and being pushed to take opiates daily.

The TENS machine I had at the time was the only thing that would really help but it wasn't great. I'm so glad there are better products like Myoovi now that provide much more effective pain relief. Your period shouldn't stop you from being able to move. Push to be seen by medical professionals.Advocate for yourself. Don't let them convince you periods should be painful.  


Nights Of No Sleep


I feel very lucky that my period pain only affects me 1 to 2 days a month, but when it comes it is totally overwhelming. I have spent afternoons lay on the bathroom floor unable to move, and have had to leave family occasions in tears, if painkillers weren’t working. If I come on in the night the pain will be so intense I can’t sleep. I just find myself roaming around the house trying to find a place or position that feels comfortable - but it never happens. I feel like a zombie being attacked by my own body. The worst part is you just hear the words ‘drama queen’ constantly ringing in your ears, so you try to put on a brave face even though inside you are in agony.   


Felt Restricted


My pains are still bad particularly on the first day or two but Myoovi has eased the agony.  Before Myoovi I had to lie in the bath and would roll around trying to find different positions to ease the pain. I would not be able to sleep, I would feel restricted from going out of my house and now even on a tough day I feel I can rely on Myoovi to help me crack on with my job and day to day tasks. Tablets never really helped me but Myoovi genuinely numbs the area, such a fantastic creation


A Poem For Period Pain


The morning sun warms your face, 

You breathe in the fresh sea air as you stroll your favourite coffee shop, 

You're contemplating which sweet treat should accompany your flat white. 

Out of nowhere comes a sensation,

at first not painful, but all consuming. 

it's a blow to the lower back. 

The pain soon follows, like a blunt, rusty knife tearing at your insides. 

You instinctively arch your back. 

The hot, intense pain spreads quickly... first to your abdomen, 

then down your legs. it's excruciating, you fear you may faint. 

Through gritted teeth you scream a flurry of expletives 

at your bloody, monthly attacker.



At Myoovi, we understand period pain and the impact it can have on your life. The Myoovi kit has helped many of these people with their pain and if these stories resonate, it might be able to help you too.